Item No Description Brand Applied to
Strap complete
Band for tarpaulins
Ratchet strap
Angle protector 6M
TIR cable 6 mm roll 250m.
TIR cable 8mm
TIR sisal rope d8
TIR rubber cable with pvc d8
Tir strap 20x3 PVC
Rubber 20cm
Rubber 25cm
Rubber 40cm
Rubber 20cm compl.
Rubber 25 cm cpl.
Rubber 40 cm cpl.
S-hook 40x4mm
TIR end 6 mm 25 p.
TIR end 8 mm 25 p.
TIR bracket h30 4g26x51
TIR bracket h38 4g26x51
TIR-bracket h25 4g26x51
TIR bracket h25 2g51
TIR bracket H45mm
TIR mounting set 8 mm
TIR spear
TIR rope hook dia 10
TIR ring 40x20
TIR ring d40
Empty pipe d40mm
Cap carved wheel
Stamp 40mm
Support TIR 09056 4 holes
TIR cable 22 m complete 6mm
TIR cable 26m complete 6mm
TIR-cable 42mt. compl. 6mm
TIR cable montageset 6mm
TIR seal ring d20mm
Heating element 1500W
TIR cable 35mtr. compl 6mm
Rubber flat 35cm
Folding plate Sasam 395mm
Folding plate Sesam 595mm Edscha Trailer Systems Trailer
Bearing Sesam Edscha Trailer Systems Trailer
Piston 400N Sesam Edscha Trailer Systems Trailer
Single bearing SESAM long axle Edscha Trailer Systems Trailer
Support 72x16x36mm
TIR support 3533